How You Could Benefit

Being heard with a warm, confidential, equal, non-judgemental, no-limits relationship.

Being Heard means being really heard. It feels as though the other person is really interested in you and trying to understand.

Warmth is when you feel welcomed by someone as if they are pleased to see you and really mean it. It seems as though they genuinely like you.

Confidentiality is very important if you are to feel safe. You must be sure that the other person is not going to tell anyone else about what you have said, or that you have been to see them in case it's embarrassing.

Equal, you like to feel that you are on an equal footing with the other person, so that they are not acting in a superior way, like an expert, or have any power over you.

Non-judgemental, you don't like the feeling of being judged or told off. Some people may you feel as though you've done wrong by the way they speak to you. You prefer to feel accepted as a person - then you feel safe.

No Limits if you go to a counsellor you should be able to talk about anything at all that you think is important.

Counselling is a helping, caring, relationship between two people.